Affairs vs. Swinging

In my view swinging is when you’ve got no secrets from the married or unmarried partner and he or she’s alright with you with a sex life out of theirs.

They may swing too or provide you consent to swing but you aren’t hiding anything.

Now the people you play with that, the flip side is married and or in a relationship and moving behind their backs. They aren’t swinging. They are stepping outside and possibly having an affair when it goes farther, but they aren’t swinging as they have.

Everything depends on your individual definitions…

For a few, if a person is having an affair it normally means he or she’s doing so without the knowledge and or approval of the spouse. However a person will say they’re having an affair with someone. .

In Terms of swinging. . .generally, that means you’re currently doing WITH your partner. . .now certain swingers will swing independently, with the partners’ approval. . .however, some might say that isn’t really swinging since they aren’t doing it together.

You are a couple having an affair that’s swinging.

For us swinging means You’re a few who are doing this TOGETHER, or You’re a single who’s frequenting swinger events, parties, clubs or meeting with other swingers

But that’s just our opinion…

The two words aren’t opposites nor are they synonyms. . .but they aren’t the exact same thing.

As a swinger, I don’t have any guilt. . .no you to answer to. .
If a guy cheats on his wife with a girl that is single, it isn’t the issue of the woman.
As a single girl, we’re only responsible for ourselves, we’re not the least accountable for other people’s relationships. . . .it isn’t her fault, it is his.

If a lover turns out to have most women are finished. . .we have hundreds of guys to pick from. . .if there’s a drama with a man that is married, it is over. .

In my experience, most unmarried women prefer single men since these problems are nonexistent. I have. . . .no difficulties. But if there are any marital problems that seep in my friendship together, the sex could be done…I can stay friends, but I don’t want any part of their marital drama.

Personally, I do not advocate the thought of marriage. . . .it certainly isn’t mine. If guys come to swingers events independently, they’re single in the lifestyle. . .whatever they have going on in the home is their own business.

But again. . .most single girls simply have so many single guys to select from, we really prefer to avoid all that drama. Swinging singles have NONE of that play!