Swingers glory holes

Have you seen glory holes in a swing club? I know of its one of the rooms at the club and one in Maryland. I would love to see more of these. Your thoughts?

Since I know that for plenty of people, there’s a glory hole’ having one like that would be available and safer than a glory hole in a club and dream. So I’d personally need it for the interest of those who desired to have, and use, one in a secure place (‘secure’ out of either side of the hole).

The 1 question about a glory hole could be the’sex’ question: you’d either need to accept that you actually did not know what sex of person was on the opposite side, or there would need to be some sort of limitations/blocks set up, that could feel, in their own way, isolating or debatable.

Many swing clubs in the NC area has them, one has a”feminine glory hole” that is essentially a split area where the girl lies on a platform/gyno table with a pit along with a curtain over it so she could have her lower half on one side of the wall and her top half on the opposite side of the wall. People today appear to enjoy them. But plenty of people do!

Nah. . .everyone I understand is comfortable and relaxed being sexual and nude . . .no should hide behind walls or become mysterious. See, I predict some things”vanilla kink” since it shows some sexual hang-ups. . Men that are liberated and sexually confident have as they’re doing. . .often of friends in front! Seems a blowjob before friends given by friends is far more sexy to guys. . .at least those I know! Yeah. . .men that are comfortable in their sexuality, so that they dabble with sexual behaviours be liberated and can not relax. I predict that vanilla kink. . .they think that they are kinky but are reluctant to unwind and be liberated. The guys I know walk around with friends and erections and their cocks play. .

Anyone prefer having an oral. Sex experience calls out you by name, and worships balls and your cock? Just wondering… .if you may have sex with a buddy before the others versus some stranger sucking you off behind a wall, worshipping your cock… I believe that the experience tends to be for guys that aren’t currently getting sex that is great? The guys aren’t currently getting sex that is great… I compare an oral sex experience with a person who understands you versus to having filet mignon versus a burger, blowjobs. Seems that if you’re able to get filet mignon that would be chosen by you? But in the event that you can’t, a burger is going to do? Sorry… just don’t find anonymous behind the wall oral sex…I discovered a world of open-minded men and women that are very sexually liberated…I really like my friends’ cocks and I say things like, Tim, your penis tastes delicious…